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MENTHERSHIP Coach Consulting Services for Women 



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Take intentional  on purpose action steps to discover, and spark,  your destiny dream  to life and live  your transformational message confidently,  by Design

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Build and live your Design.

You were created for much more!

Cleansing your designer genes and sparking your  God's DNA for Success

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MY MASTER MIND prophetic

 Prophetable - Mentorship to Empower and Spark your  greatness impact influence you are meant to release 

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As a Kingdom Heir Messenger, and KingdomHeir Ministry Development Consultant Coach for Women

 I empower Kingdom Minded prophetic women to discover and to develop her HeiRrestible God given destiny dreams, callings and assignments. My mandate is to help  empower you to magnify your voice and extend your reach and tent pegs so you can bring significant impact  and redemptive reform in your circle of of influence.

If you  are ready to discover and spark your destiny purpose and clarify that ministry calling, launch, build or exp and  live your KingdomHeir message, I am like a  spiritual GPS, leading you at every turn of destiny  purpose.! 

 I had a prophetic dream where the door was open to me and though the table was full with seasoned leaders, they moved over and made room for me at the tome a young up and coming prophet leader. Thant dream is true in my heart today, to make room at the table for the younger kingdomHEiR women. women of the hour to  RISE UP and find their prophetic voice and place at the table and in their field of favor of Kingdom Purpose,  and anointed for assignment. KingdomHeir Women of the Hour Rising UP, with a quest for wisdom for life and business, sitting under the palm tree of the prophetic  bench like Deborah seeking the Courts  Counsel as the people come to them, women who are ready like Queen Hadasah to  be all in for the sanctity of life, seeking the kings decrees.  The Queen of Shebah, Prophet Judge Deborah and  Queen Hadasah. Aka SheDaAh and Co united. Join and Ignite the movement!

Queen of Shebah had a quest for Wisdom,  to steward the business of her kingdom, there she searched out King Solomon, Prophet Deborah, sat at the Palm Tree on HER Bench of Deborah and consul the people in righteousness from heaven Court Room Counsel. Hadasah sought the King's favor and decrees for the Justice of her nation.


Link any successful leaders today, seek out experienced advisers, consultants coached to help them scale up their business .Perhaps it was at to zenith  of heir queenship careers, she set out  for wisdom. If you are ready to take action and create the transformation you want,  please take time to check out my  HEiR-restiable coaching consulting programs to assist you in the process. Improve your kingdomheir Image and live by design, enjoying the  results and feeling fulfilled.  Our coaching services are designed to  accelerate your success. 


There is no better time than now for REAL Christian women  to confidently know that they are completely Royal. Created in the image of God - their Kingdom ID (iMage and Design) originates in Him. A Joint heir  seated in heavenly places with with Christ, governing and legislating His kingdom purposes in the earth as it is in heaven.

As KingdomHEiR Women of the Hour you are called for such a time as this to arise and shine and be Bold, Brave, Kingdom Builders, who are ready to radiate your Brilliance in every sphere of your calling  impact and influence


Not Clear Where To Begin?

  • Now is the time to be intentional about setting the intention to discover pursue and SPARK your God-given kingdom 3D-ID - image destiny dream by design.

  • You know that God has created you with a unique calling and assignment. you are empowered to fulfil destiny. and live the TM called you  were created you to be.


Do You  Lack  Clarity of Purpose, And Tired Of Feeling Stuck And Off Focus,?

Glenisaah Deborah helps to empower R.E.A.L Kingdom minded women like you develop her God given DESTINY dreams, and callings.

Building your dream board and hoping it will come to pass will never make destiny dream come to life. Ignoring your kingdom call , commission, and assignments  won't make your calling go away… it only  reminds you that there are unfulfilled  matters it is waiting for you to rise up and take real action, if not you feel, stuck, and, feeling unfulfilled.

There are multitudes in the valley of decision, The good news is that can start NOW, not tomorrow,  Now. this is the acceptable time. You are here in the right place and you can jumpstart your ministry! The difference between staying where you are because of fears and other limiting reasons as apposed to moving forward to realise your potential, is all about you Rising Up and taking sustainable action for your success in life, soul fitness and wealthness

There is a pattern of process to SOUL fitness and wealthness? 

You choose, it  doesn’t happen by chance,  It  by choice.  You must have the right information, and follow through with diligent implementation and  practice will result in  transformation.

Glenisaah Deborah  has  forged from the fires  of her own success the pattern, that other , kingdomheir messenger can put into diligent practice in order to aspire  and achieve outstanding results.  life  sometimes lead you in desert experiences, highs and lows, even then you have to choose to live your kingdomheir design. I wan to spark possibilities, what if you could learn the way of kings, the ancient paths  and arts to redeeming the times —and eliminate could a would-a, should-a sabotaging guilt trips the down the paths of times unwisely invested? Its time to rise from the ashes of lost times and make beauty from the ashes.


Our Master Mind MentHEiRShip! program is designed to spark empowering solid solutions slices help your.

We can help you achieve  and maintain greater soul fitness  for success, with faster, and with fewer setbacks and more big wins,  as you follow the path,  take the right steps at the right pace, and on time. 

With our  proven  Transform U PROCESS ; on-site weekend workshops to life changing webinars, courses, coaching, consulting and more, to help you work toward real change  from the inside out.  The KingdomHEiR  Life Principles we offer for development and training  will help you get your results.

My HEiResistAble  Consulting Coaching Services







At The SOUL FITNESS Imaging Center©


CLEANSING YOUR DESIGNER GENES © You will discover God’s Original Intent for you; learn about Cleansing your Designer Genes, Altars that battle for souls, may have been holding you back, and how to demolish them,  and keep your Soul Fit to prosper in life. You will be




You will discover your purpose, blueprint your missional ministry message; Hearing the voice of God for your ministry and business, Magnify your voice, extend your tent pegs, to reach others  with real impact and influence

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HEiR Strategic Spiritual Session

Bench of Deborah Prophetic Consulting /Coaching  is available to help kingdom-heir women work through and go beyond the place of just breakthrough. dealing with  personal roadblocks overcoming  specific issue in their lives. They are feeling stuck in and being held back in their spiritual growth and development prophetically living their Image by Design)  

Unable to Breakthrough?

Book a complementary session with Glenisaah Deborah


At the Bench of Deborah  is a 1:1 Prophetic & Heavenly Judicial  Session. your are dealing with personal spiritual heart and soul matters First.

By the washing of the water of the WORD - From the influence and control of generational  genetic coding and the battle  for the righteous altar of your destiny

A Spiritually healed heart is the part of the will of God concerning you. That you will succeed in all things, and be in health even as your soul prospers. Is your soul prospering?  My Heart First  Session is a good place to start


Book your session with Dr Glenisaah Deborah

Deal with the generational codes and altars in your bloodlines  that works against your divine purpose,  and live your Kingdom Image and Destiny by  Design -(Kingdom ID) free from the inside out, with clarity and confidence in your were created to be, and do.

Glenisaah Deborah

Hi, I am Glenisaah Deborah, I am a KingdomHEiR  Messenger Entrepreneur Transformation Leader,  

So glad you are here, just like you, I have intentionally set my desire  and pursuit to advance forward,  therefore  in humility I keep pressing towards the mark - to live from my royal design, on purpose. I am daily being  transformed by the renewing of my mind. Where I am today is subject to change because I know that the plans designed for me are to prosper me in all things as my soul prospers.. 

Personally: I am who God says I am and and so are you.  I am intentional  about lives being empowered to for greater redemptive impact and influence ! I must be about the Father's Business of the Kingdom. 


She is internationally focused and committed with undivided devotion to my kingdom call, purpose, commission and assignments, and living by design. My heart for you is that in all things we would prosper and be in health,  even as soul is prospering"} Is your soul prospering?  Are you living by design your kingdom purpose ,NOW IS THE TIME  TO CHANGE THAT! If not now, when?

What Do I Do

Help Empower HER to create, ministry blueprint, personal transformational success, wealthness, magnify HEIRresistable messages, living kingdom purpose, having redemptive impact and influence for heirself, family, community nation.  


It takes a systematic step by step process, for restoring hope to dream again, renewing the mind, from limiting thinking, birthing forth vision for  strategic  success in family life, ministry, business, community, and  intentionally live and walking out Prophetic Assignments on Purpose, as a catalyst who influences real change in the world, while making room for the up and coming  kingdomheir women, to find their place and magnify their voice.

   i Declare that you will: "BE IN HEALTH, AND WEALTHNESS



Dr. Glenisaah Deborah, She is a certified strategic,KingdomHEiR Image and Design Consultant Coach and Mentheirship strategist for Kingdom Minded Ministering women who are passionate about building their ministry, and are about transformation,  seeing women walking in soul fitness, wellness and wealthness, clear about their purpose, kingdomheir message and living by design, confidently and fulfilled in Christ. 

It's time to dream again!

Why? Because your dream is about more than just you!

When you discover (or rediscover) your God dream and intentionally pursue it with passion–doing what you were created to do–you step into a position to not only transform your mind but the culture and community where you live. It’s about aligning with God so you are in sync with what He wants to release in the earth through you,

KingdomHEiR Women Of The Hour of Destiny you must be ready.  Are YOU ready to take serious action to dream with God, live their legacy, impact and influence transformation with their message.


What Clients are Saying

Bench of Deborah  Consulting I have found working with Glenisaah a breath of fresh air, hope, inspiring and enriching experience . When I was very bouged down with past soul wounds, rejection, low self image, and  lacking direction in my life and career,  and not sure where to begin, or  whom I could  trust, she was a God sent. She helped me find inner rest, fitness, purpose,courage, confidence,  grow and develop spiritually as well as personal and professionally. With he HEiRrestible coach consulting  mentorship processes,  I was able to find purpose, hope and joy.restoring  poor self image i struggled with for so long.  Glenisah Deborah, help me  to develop my destiny dream roadmap to living whole and feeling complete in Christ.. I was able to refocus and prioritize what I needed most in order  for me to realistically complete and reach my targeted and intended GOLD!

Soul Fitness Imaging Centre

love Glenisaah Deborah's heart and passion for empowering women  to walk out their calling serve God at home,  through their ministry, work place, and communities.  To see women develop their God-givenHEiRresistable kingdom image, confidence, finding my TM, that will in turn spark others on to even greater higher heights and depth of transformation.

Glenisaah's heart focus and passion to encourage, empower personal spiritual  growth and develop in the lives  of  Christian women and  leaders - calls  us to Rise Up as  Bold Brave kingdom builders, strengthen and enabled to persevere in faith being led where Holy Spirit leads. 

Dream Designr

Perhaps  you’ve been seeking and asking for help because you’ve had enough of the sabotage and feeling stagnant in your personal, spiritual and ministry journey and are in need of experienced prophetic level are at that place. Welcome!  Glenisaah  Deborah's Coach, Consulting,  Mentoring and guidance is informative, redemptive, and transformative. HEiR unique service is highly sought after. I strongly encourage you  to work with Glenisaah Deborah





What did Queen Hadassah (Esther)  Bible Ruth, John Maxwell, Princess Diana and  Michael Jordan all have in common?  They all had consultants, mentors and coaches. 

Even at the peak of their careers, great leaders continue to use Advisors, consultants, coaches to help them achieve and aspire more. If you are ready  and serious about taking intentional action  to design and create the outcomes  intended for you, we offer consulting - coaching - mentor-ship programs to assist and empower you in the process. Improve your impact, influence and your results! Check out our coaching services designed to accelerate your success.


Question and ore questions. Overwhelmed, who can help me, where do I begin, whats the first step? Looking for answers? Want clarity, aiming to  and accountability to help you discover, uproot and remove the debris in order to  deep and strong foundations to establish your ministry call and kingdom assignments. You are not feeling fulfilled, because  know that there is more in life for you and you are not filling the missional call tugging in your heart. You are ready to dig in and get it done.?
Our heirestible program offers i on one consulting and group coaching via Zoom  webinars, and quality online  pre-recorded training video where to help you  learn on  at your own pace and time schedules.  These trainings are trnsformational,  filled with pure passion. impartation,  and activation, for practical strategic, realistic  actionable steps, you will not only be sparked, but ignited to accelerate and blast off. 

My Mastermind MentHer-ship - Will TransformU

My Master Mind Mentorship Consulting Coaching with Glenisaah Deborah  will refocus vision, inspire lives, connect with hearts, encourage intentionality, empower and spark destiny dreams. and living by design. You want more than temporary motivation… you want acceleration, activation, you want to create REAL transformation!  insights that will educate and energize your RISE UP and radiate your brilliance as a kingdom heir

How to Plan Your Achievable Goals and Live it out by design

So now you have the targeted goal, you need the blue print.  To get to where you want to go, you will  need to audit where you are presently are  now, and then be real to yourself ,  and take some massive action,  as you evaluate all you would need to build and to establish  in order to live bt design